"In some ways, it feels like I've been coaching my whole life."

Heidi Swartz

Starting with her role as the eldest of five siblings and right on through life as an athlete, wife, corporate manager, mother, mother-in-law and entrepreneur, Heidi Swartz has helped people grow and thrive. In 2010, she made the job official, transitioning from real estate development to people development: specifically, women and girls.

"I realized two things," says Heidi. "First, we need more women leaders; it's good for business and better for the world. And second, I wish I'd had someone like me as a coach as I was trying to figure out how leadership and career meets family and other life priorities."

Instead she had persistence and conviction as her guide. Raised in a traditional household in an era when women became nurses, teachers, secretaries or married, Heidi forged her own path in business as part of the nation's growing wave of dual-career couples. Along with deep listening skills and a remarkable capacity for reframing tough situations, she brings this rich combination of professional and life experience to the challenge of helping career-focused women articulate and achieve their goals in work and in life.

In addition to private coaching and corporate consulting, Heidi advocates for women through non-profit work and speaking engagements on a variety of women- and career-related topics. She has moderated panels for the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business and the 3% Conference in San Francisco, spoken to groups from Amazon to Lean In, and presented strategies to the King County Advisory Board, among others.