Increasingly, people are evaluating companies based on how well they will be supported as parents. Even those who aren't parents see family leave policies as a reflection of how the company values work-life balance.

"As younger workers demand more flexibility and see their parenting responsibilities more equally, there's likely to be a lot more experimentation and variation in how men and women piece together their parental leaves and post-baby careers." - Stew Friedman, Wharton professor and founding director of its Work/Life Integration Project.

Keep those great people!

Maternity- and paternity-leave coaching is a smart way to ensure that people stay in their careers during a sensitive time, opening up communication between employees, teams and managers, easing stress and sustaining performance through work-life integration strategies.

Through one-on-one coaching grounded in a decade of work focused on dual-career families, I support employees through the three key phases of the transition (pre-leave, parental leave, return-to- work), allowing them to fully explore their new situation, identify the challenges it can create both at work and at home, and develop a plan to meet them.


Working together

Each phase of parental-leave coaching has different objectives and involves sessions with both the employee and his or her manager. Please email or call me for a more detailed explanation of scope and process.

The research is clear

Regardless of gender, working parents continue to encounter inflexibility and unconscious biases around their perceived commitment and contribution to their careers when they become parents and are actively involved in their children's care.