There are times when nothing else will do but a BIG LIFE Talk.

"Extremely clear, well organized."

"You owned the room. Fabulous!"

"Amazing! So grateful to attend, perfect topic for my present life."

Heidi is an engaging speaker with a direct and approachable style. Her informative and insightful talks reflect a deep commitment to helping women lead integrated, fulfilling lives.

Topics include:

Redefining the Second Shift: Blending Career and Family Life

Sharing equally in the breadwinning, parenting and household management brings unexpected rewards for both partners. Practical strategies for dual-career couples aimed at achieving a 50/50 partnership.

If You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It

Facing, making and moving through big decisions and major transitions.

Filling the Void

"The two most important days in the world are the day you are born and the day you find out why." Thank you Mark Twain! Finding purpose and meaning for work and life.

Your Encore Chapter

Making a difference in the second half of life.


Listen to a snippet of Heidi's guest appearance on the Boss Show - a podcast spanning a wide variety of workplace issues. Her interview with hosts Jim Hessler and Steve Motenko focuses on how to support dual career couples both at work and at home.

Watch some highlights from a recent presentation.